9 signs the War on Drugs is almost over


This year will go down in history as the the beginning of the end to America’s longest failed war: the war on drugs. Voters in Colorado and Washington made worldwide news by legalizing marijuana, Presidents around Latin America spoke out passionately against the drug war, and award-winning movies documented the horrors of the drug war and gave voice to those seeking change. Below are some of top stories of 2012 that capture the momentum and give us hope that we can and will find an exit strategy to the disastrous war on drugs.1. Colorado and Washington Make History By Legalizing MarijuanaWashington State and Colorado made history on Election Day by becoming the first two states in the country – and the first political jurisdictions anywhere in the world – to approve the legal regulation of marijuana. These victories likely represent the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition in this country and in many others as well. Just as the repeal of alcohol Prohibition began in the late 1920s with individual states repealing their own prohibition laws, and ultimately culminated in the repeal of federal Prohibition, so Washington and Colorado have initiated a political process that will resonate nationally, especially with 50% of Americans now in favor of taxing and regulating marijuana.Continue Reading…

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