Curriculum & Resources: Health Effects of Caffeine

Click for the full infographic.
As this infographic shows, teenagers are the fastest growing segment of caffeine consumers. Ask your students why they think this is. What caffeinated beverages or snacks are most popular among your students? Check out the full infographic to see the negative health effects of too much caffeine. Why do your students drink caffeinated beverages? If they use caffeine to stay alert, how does this benefit of caffeine stack up against the side effects?

9 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health (Without Joining a Gym)

Laughter, the arts, touch, sleep. What you can do in your everyday life to get healthier.

How a Cup of Nettle Tea Taught Me How To Live Well and Remember the Past

I am a Muckleshoot Indian, but little of what I used to eat bore much connection with the landscape I lived in, which had fed my ancestors for many generations. When I discovered nettle tea, it was as if I were remembering what it was like to feel well.

8 Tricks Your Ancestors Knew About Preparing Healthy Food

Traditional food preparation techniques do more than just preserve food. They remove natural toxins and increase nutrients, as well as the body’s ability to fully use them.

The above resources accompany the January 2014 Education Connections Newsletter

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